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Why Real Estate?

Why did we get into Real Estate...?

The simple answer is for our kids.

#1 Reason- more time with our family

The typical 5 day work week was life was never for us. Brandon was always trying to start a business and dabbled in many different things over the years- but thats a story for another post...

Honestly tho, once we had kids we realized we wanted to build something that would allow us more freedom and more time with them.

We also wanted to build something we could pass on to our kids some day.

We bought our first home- a duplex when we were 21 and 22 years old. We didn't have kids yet but during the home buying process we often talked about buying a duplex for each child we had in the future and that was always the end game goal in the back of our heads.

We also thought buying a duplex would allow us to live on one side, collecting rent from the other and essentially live for free for a while. What 20-something kid doesn't think thats a great idea!? Lucky for us- it did work out that way and lead us on the path of real estate investing...

Pictured below- our first duplex. We put a new roof on the weekend we closed and shortly after we moved in we re-sided the entire house, put in all new windows, doors, landscaped and garage doors....

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